You just got mom’ed…

So graciously Justice shares his computer with Sera on occasion and yesterday was one of those times. She was busily playing Minecraft, his favorite game, with me, his favorite person to play with. He wants his computer back and is hinting at it gently but Sera isn’t quite ready to give up her turn. So I ask if his room is clean… yes, is the laundry running ….silence…..Nooo…..then go get the machines going…. you just got mom’ed!

Blower Motor Blew

So what do you do when the Blower motor goes out in the middle of winter…. get under the dash and put in a new one! What if you don’t fit as well under the dash as an 9 yr old… you recruit them to do the wrench turning after doing the loosening and fitting… makes it a little easier! LOL