Month: April 2010

And the house fun begins…

I recently splurged and bought some Denali seeds… it’s a local company that has developed seeds that are hardy enough to grow up here….well Justice is all packed up except for coloring & drawing supplies so he’s a tad bored right now…. so I told him to clear the table and we’ll plant some seeds! It’s about the right timing for this to happen too… about 6 weeks until we move and can plant them in a REAL garden!
The selections for the day are oregano, basil, carrots and lettuce…. all grow very well up here. Once we move I’ll plant the other seeds including some flowers! We’ll see how this all turns out! At least he’ll be busy for a while now!

Spelling challenges

Justice’s latest thing is to label places in Alaska on his map… he can spell Aleutian, Kodiak and Arctic perfectly but can’t spell Pacific or America! LOL

Happy Birthday kido!

While you are still in trouble for not doing homework and lying to me, and you have to earn your way out of trouble… you lucked out because your birthday is not 100% canceled this year! It IS postponed based on your behavior for the next week! Today is the actual day you were born but you got yourself into so much trouble that I had to do something to teach you a lesson. I HATE LIARS! I love you but hate the behavior.
No matter what Happy Birthday and know that we all love you!
Mom, Dad, & Sera