Month: May 2010


So in dropping the kids at school this morning the query was … “Where’s your backpack?” The reply from Sera was “There’s no homework this week, it’s the last week of school! DUUUHHHH!” We just about died laughing… we should have known that!

Happy Mother’s Day!

OK so Friday I got a new LG Ellipse camera cell phone and today I had fun…. Sera is down with a head cold poor kid and I had an errand to run so I had to go out plus I wanted to get stuff for the house hahaha…. Justice decided that he wanted to come with me and so he did a hurried consult with Sera via her window and away we went. On the way to the store it was a game of 20 questions so that I knew where he wanted to go within the store…. near the clothes, then the toys then the food ooookkkk. I handed him a hand basket as we went in and he was off to find his first items. I took photos from a distance while in Fred Meyer.
After that it was Home Depot for house stuff. I scored a ceiling fan/light for $22 for the garage and got a few other items that were on the list. Some of the items on my list I just took photos of so that the next time I go I can get exactly what we want or need. I like shopping by cell phone camera it’s actually more fun than window shopping!
Next was Lowe’s which has the best garden section up already and had the plant hangers I need for my begonia and spider plants. After that it was over to Saddlers to look at Bed Frame … nothing there in the right price range and I found one on Amazon that I like and has free shipping so that is what I’ll order later this month. Said mall we were at has a Museum Store… Justice LOVES maps and has a new love for planets so that is his room theme and I wanted to get some Glow in the Dark Planets for him and along the way we found a Hover Globe that I’m going to convert into a lamp for his room… Score for him!
When we got home and the conspiracy was over as to what he bought I ended up with 2 dark chocolate bars, a flower plate, a stuffed Husky and a stuffed blue elephant! How CUTE!

My surprising kid….

Lying is a huge NO NO for my kids and they know it. This time they got to write “I will not lie” ad nauseum. Sera wrote it one word at a time and for the first few pages so did Justice… then he got smart…. thinking out of the box he wrote I all the way down then wi all the way down and then two very long l’s all the way down the page… the same for the n and o then a long line for t and simple crosses for each line etc for each column of words…. he was working smarter not harder…. VERY hard for the adults to keep a straight face upon realizing that he’d done this and how out of the box it is.
He got out of trouble and decided that it’d be good to read his Astronomy book from the library. So I told him to write a short paragraph telling me what he learned. He wrote that out with only a couple misspellings but surprised me with the correct use of commas!
Currently he’s typing his little report up and will be posting it to his brand new blog! Amusingly enough he is not doing a one finger hunt and peck but using his whole hands. The tricky part is getting him to understand caps lock and shift for capital letters… he’s done now so I’m going to help him post to