Month: July 2010

What are you doing?

Justice: what are you doing mom having some milk?
Me: no (as I pour milk)
Justice: yes you are
me: no I’m not (as I pour Hershey’s Syrup)
Justice: you’re having chocolate milk!
me: no I’m not (as I put the mug in the microwave) I’m having HOT chocolate milk
Justice: ahhhh ok I’m going to have to copy that recipe!
Me: no (as I pour Irish Cream into my mug)
Justice: What’s that? Alcohol?
Me: Yup!
Justice: oh, darn it’s adult chocolate milk drat!

How to wear out kids…

So we’d gone to a friend’s house for a cookout including S’mores and the kids had eaten a LOT of sugar… more than they normally do and had just a bit too much energy when we got home. How do you wear out kids who are on a sugar high quick? Send them off to do laps around the house! Now all that running attracts attention of all the kids on the block so what happens then.. they all start running around the house and you get kids who are tired! Imagine 2 kids racing around the house and then add in 5 or so more to the race and you have a lot of kids from about age 3 to 10+ all running in circles around the outside of the house… good thing we don’t have side yard fences! I wonder if it’ll become a daily pastime now to see who can run the fastest or longest or the most laps!