Month: September 2010

Mini Making

Here Sera was busily making miniature pipe cleaner bears. She was roughly 3 at the time

and just loved playing with the little guys. Only recently have we gotten

back into minis and found supplies to make more!


Every once in a while the fun side of mom comes out… usually at odd times as it did the other morning. I needed the hair brush out of the bathroom to finish getting ready for work and so just popped into the bathroom while the elder child was in the shower. What possessed me to do it I will never know but I whip the curtain back and yell BLAAAAAAAAAARRRRGGGHHHHHH at Sera who only seconds before had been slowly falling asleep in the shower and immediately starts flailing about wildly screaming at the top of her lungs! I laughed and laughed. Unknown to me I also managed to wake the younger child with the yelling and whooping.
SCORE! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA The evil side of mom had fun and laughed all the way to work over it! A fun way to start the day!