Month: October 2012

Reading Aseop’s Fables….

So Justice has his assignment of the summer… READ… anything he wants and as much as he can. He chose Aseop’s Fables tonight as his book, errr… well e-book as he has adopted the Kindle app on his computer happily and it’s one of many books I have for it. As part of the reading assignment though, I have asked him to write about what he’s read which tonight was 60 very short fables. So it’s a title of the fable and the lesson learned. Knowing that Aseop’s Fables are very short and amusingly use a wide┬ávocabulary┬ánot found in today’s kid’s books has led to several questions about meanings of words:

  1. Ass (what? read the sentence so we know what’s going on in the story!)
  2. tyrant (completely mispronounced enough to confuse me! LOL)

He had other vocabulary that day too but these were the best ones.