Blog-a-thon and measurable goals!

by Kid-isms of Sera & Justice on Tuesday, August 31, 2010 at 8:04pm
Justice wants to join Boy Scouts and the start up is $50… he has $15.13 leftover from saving for his computer this time last year… I’m forgiving the payments on the game he was paying for… he’s done a lot of chores. So his latest endeavor is to write about his favorite books and write stories on his website. The books will be available through my Amazon Associates link and the earnings go to him for this endeavor! In fact any of the proceeds from his site will go to him since Amazon will let me setup special links I can track it!
If anyone has any other ideas for an 8 yr old to try to raise cash quick drop us a note…. it’s pouring so Lemonade stands are not really an option… he wanted to sell rocks so watch for that idea too! When he raises the money to join watch out he’ll be selling Popcorn too!
If anything post comments on his site to encourage him. He’s a resourceful kid and if he can save to buy a computer he can raise money to join Scouts!