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Tree Swallow

We found an injured tree swallow outside on a weekend of course and the laws in Anchorage are that we couldn’t keep it but we could take it to the bird rescue people on Monday. So for a couple days the kids spent time capturing bugs for this beautiful little bird. After it was taken to the refuge we found out it died, sadly. Strange thing is that it trusted us and was eating and drinking for us in just under a day so we really didn’t understand how it died under the care of professionals. RIP little bird.


How even mom has “look squirrel” syndrome

Ok so I was behaving and looking for a very simple gentle yoga video on YouTube and just as I find one I notice “Minecraft Style” on the sidebar of recommended videos…..I can’t resist and pop it open into a new tab but drat it was taken down due to copyright… it clearly states it’s a parody but oh well I know it’s out there somewhere….. I found it…..


We proceeded to laugh uproariously while watching it. OY! Back to my nice calm yoga video now… my neck is nudging me into realizing I really need it!