Happy Mother’s Day!

OK so Friday I got a new LG Ellipse camera cell phone and today I had fun…. Sera is down with a head cold poor kid and I had an errand to run so I had to go out plus I wanted to get stuff for the house hahaha…. Justice decided that he wanted to come with me and so he did a hurried consult with Sera via her window and away we went. On the way to the store it was a game of 20 questions so that I knew where he wanted to go within the store…. near the clothes, then the toys then the food ooookkkk. I handed him a hand basket as we went in and he was off to find his first items. I took photos from a distance while in Fred Meyer.
After that it was Home Depot for house stuff. I scored a ceiling fan/light for $22 for the garage and got a few other items that were on the list. Some of the items on my list I just took photos of so that the next time I go I can get exactly what we want or need. I like shopping by cell phone camera it’s actually more fun than window shopping!
Next was Lowe’s which has the best garden section up already and had the plant hangers I need for my begonia and spider plants. After that it was over to Saddlers to look at Bed Frame … nothing there in the right price range and I found one on Amazon that I like and has free shipping so that is what I’ll order later this month. Said mall we were at has a Museum Store… Justice LOVES maps and has a new love for planets so that is his room theme and I wanted to get some Glow in the Dark Planets for him and along the way we found a Hover Globe that I’m going to convert into a lamp for his room… Score for him!
When we got home and the conspiracy was over as to what he bought I ended up with 2 dark chocolate bars, a flower plate, a stuffed Husky and a stuffed blue elephant! How CUTE!

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