My surprising kid….

Lying is a huge NO NO for my kids and they know it. This time they got to write “I will not lie” ad nauseum. Sera wrote it one word at a time and for the first few pages so did Justice… then he got smart…. thinking out of the box he wrote I all the way down then wi all the way down and then two very long l’s all the way down the page… the same for the n and o then a long line for t and simple crosses for each line etc for each column of words…. he was working smarter not harder…. VERY hard for the adults to keep a straight face upon realizing that he’d done this and how out of the box it is.
He got out of trouble and decided that it’d be good to read his Astronomy book from the library. So I told him to write a short paragraph telling me what he learned. He wrote that out with only a couple misspellings but surprised me with the correct use of commas!
Currently he’s typing his little report up and will be posting it to his brand new blog! Amusingly enough he is not doing a one finger hunt and peck but using his whole hands. The tricky part is getting him to understand caps lock and shift for capital letters… he’s done now so I’m going to help him post to

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