New House “maps”

The kids are both doing a units of measure math unit right now and so they are listing furniture, measuring it and will be making room “maps” after we measure the new house tomorrow!

After a measuring frenzy….
Now they get to figure their perimeters… Justice with addition and Sera with multiplication. bwahahahahahaha applied math will stick with them both longer than the sneak preview they are getting at school! Justice’s poor teacher is very frustrated with the curriculum she has to teach a group of 2nd graders…. units of measure, perimeter, liquid measurements…. the kids are all having a hard enough time with column addition, carrying and borrowing! Well we’re reinforcing what is being taught by doing this little project… or ELSE!
hehehe the applied math is working VERY well…the kids are doing their math and it’s CORRECT!! My plan worked! Now I wish I had more stuff for them to measure and to the math on! hmmmmmm
I am taking any chance I get to apply math so that it makes sense to the kids since I know that I struggled with it…..It took physics to make algebra make sense to me….and much to my teacher’s delight he got to know that he made a difference in someones life who hated math for the most part specifically algebra and had dreaded taking physics! I just wish I’d had physics sooner I might have liked math earlier on!
The same applies to my kids…. Sera likes math but likes science more and Justice just plain LOVES science and struggles with basics… so taking basics and applying them to something they love is making all the difference…. they were disjointed that they only got to do 12 problems last night LOL
The kids got bored measuring the house during the inspection and thus won’t be doing much more with that until later on after moving likely but they did get a better look at their rooms and drew their room “maps”… not to scale or anything but still cute!

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