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And thus the year starts…

Previously the kid’s teachers were not into writing assignments or spelling and that is why both kids have blogs to write on as I view writing as something just as important as reading, math and science!

FINALLY this year Sera has a teacher who is assigning creative writing type assignments…. the latest is one on adverbs. Three random letters were assigned to each child to write sentences with and Sera was lucky enough to get “N”, “T” and “Y”. Now “N” and “T” are simple enough there’s a decent list of adverbs that go with those letters but “Y” was the hard one. Finally after a net search and a Facebook post asking for help she came up with a couple good sentences for the assignment.

The best of the bunch though is:

“Yellow yaks Yodally yelp advice.”

“Yellow yaks Yodally yodel advice.”

I wish I could be a fly on the wall when the teacher reads this!


Well, Justice got himself grounded through Easter and missed the egg hunt fun… he’ll get his Easter… just not today.

Sera is in on Easter already and loves the hunt and fun anyway. So Mr.E. Bunny still hid eggs today. Older kids find eggs fast! So this year’s hunt includes a series of riddles, a fight with a Ogre and a key to the treasure!

Greetings valiant egg hunter, today we have a quest for you.

The egg keeper has five questions for you, answer them correctly and with proper spelling to get the next secret egg message!


The first riddle:

You make puns and jokes with me

silly things like MooJersey

I make a great pair of shoes

and I am not a moose

_ _ _


Second riddle

It spins round and round

yet is planted in teh ground

a circus of fun

you would love to ride one

_ _ _ _ _  _ _  _ _ _ _ _


Third riddle:

It is uesed a lot

but turning it off you forgot

it starts with a C

and is a favorite of me

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Last riddle:

It roams free in Montana

a favorite of mama

whinny’s and neighs

its speed will amaze

_ _ _ _ _ _ _


Go fight the Easter Ogre!!!


Battle Won!

You have had your fun

this quest is done

now you see

a magic key


Within the locked fortress is the Easter Basket of Goodies! The prize for the day!




Merry Go Round