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You just got mom’ed…

So graciously Justice shares his computer with Sera on occasion and yesterday was one of those times. She was busily playing Minecraft, his favorite game, with me, his favorite person to play with. He wants his computer back and is hinting at it gently but Sera isn’t quite ready to give up her turn. So I ask if his room is clean… yes, is the laundry running ….silence…..Nooo…..then go get the machines going…. you just got mom’ed!

How to get ungrounded…

So, I come home to find that the kids have been minorly grounded for not doing laundry right and not putting out the trash (both kids). Pretty minor things they both know how to do *sigh* So after spending some time in their rooms for the offense to get out of their room they had to do not just the “Hokey Pokey” but “Gangam Style”. LOL They are now both happily playing Minecraft.


Out and about doing some shopping with Justice today and at one point we got back to the car. Parked right in front of us was a dark red Mustang….

ME: So Justice if the Black Mustang (mine) was to have babies with the Red Mustang what color would they end up?

Without missing a beat:

Grey Mustangs!

The driver of the red mustang was getting in his car at this point and just grinning.