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An e-mail to the principal….

Sera Darby
7:09 PM (1 hour ago)

This is Seraphine Darby. Are iStudent and iParent the same thing? If
so, what is a iParent access key? I need to be able to check on my
grades without having to rely on my parents. Besides, I want to be
able to fix the problem before my parents find out if possible.

(he answered her very quickly telling her to go to the office to get it setup) That last sentence was just too good not to share tho! AHAHAHA 🙂

She got caught off guard with a very bad grade and is working on fixing it this week! I’m happy to see her thinking about being proactive with her education.

Sera and Drawing….

I am very amused… Sera drew a beautiful dragon, I scanned it at work since it was on a larger drawing pad page, then I showed her what a graphics program could do…..Corel Draw 12, Paint Shop Pro 7, Photo Paint 12, ArtWeaver and finally Gimp. We settled on Gimp because it could easily be installed on her brother’s computer (space issue for now) and we

sera-1-150x126didn’t have to fight over my computer… did that last night! She’s been bugging me for a copy of her dragon all evening… finally walked her to it, let her download it and she is happily

airbrushing over her colored pencil drawing…..I have copies of the original scan plus her original drawing so no biggie on letting her play! Man is she having fun now! Totally engrossed!

When she is done with her modifications I’ll try to post the results!

And thus the year starts…

Previously the kid’s teachers were not into writing assignments or spelling and that is why both kids have blogs to write on as I view writing as something just as important as reading, math and science!

FINALLY this year Sera has a teacher who is assigning creative writing type assignments…. the latest is one on adverbs. Three random letters were assigned to each child to write sentences with and Sera was lucky enough to get “N”, “T” and “Y”. Now “N” and “T” are simple enough there’s a decent list of adverbs that go with those letters but “Y” was the hard one. Finally after a net search and a Facebook post asking for help she came up with a couple good sentences for the assignment.

The best of the bunch though is:

“Yellow yaks Yodally yelp advice.”

“Yellow yaks Yodally yodel advice.”

I wish I could be a fly on the wall when the teacher reads this!