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How even mom has “look squirrel” syndrome

Ok so I was behaving and looking for a very simple gentle yoga video on YouTube and just as I find one I notice “Minecraft Style” on the sidebar of recommended videos…..I can’t resist and pop it open into a new tab but drat it was taken down due to copyright… it clearly states it’s a parody but oh well I know it’s out there somewhere….. I found it…..


We proceeded to laugh uproariously while watching it. OY! Back to my nice calm yoga video now… my neck is nudging me into realizing I really need it!

Justice’s Procedure for Coffee

Justice decided that I needed coffee so he could make pancakes this morning! So he proceeded to put together coffee for me:

  1. 4 handfuls of coffee beans into the grinder (his hands are smaller and that’s what we’ve figure out to be the right “measurement” for him)
  2. Clean out the coffee press – ok no biggie
  3. put ground beans in the press – easy enough
  4. add water….errr he added tap water which is pretty hot but forgot that we usually use boiling water oh well!
  5. press the coffee without making a mess – mission accomplished for him
  6. pour into a mug add sugar and half & half —UT OH it’s kinda cold now…..
  7. toss mug into microwave to warm up coffee and lovingly bring to mom

First taste….

“ummm kinda cool isn’t it?”

“…. yeah I had to microwwave it….”

“didn’t you boil the water?”

“… DOH! ummm no I micowaved it tho so it would warm up a little!”



“are you awake enough now to help me make pancakes?”


Searches internet for recipe… finds a video recipe for him to watch. He’s delighted and just needs ingredient amounts called out to him.

In between the calls of “What’s next?” I hear:

“ERRRRHHG! an egg just fell!”

“Clean it up!”

So now we have pancake batter and he’s cleaning up the mess from that before he starts actually cooking.

Cooking has commenced and soo it looks like we’ll have some pretty darn good pancakes!

30 days of posts…

Well maybe not all 30 here but this will be one place I’ll be participating in the V7n Blogging Challenge. Sera will be doing a series on famous people, Justice is just plain doing random writing and I’ll be rotating between blogs everything from my doll blogs to my portfolio, to the kid’s photo blog and even some form of interview type posting for another site! It seems we’ll be very busy very shortly!

My funny thing of the day is not from the kids but from George:

Your job is like a game of Whack-A-Mole! Problems pop up get whacked and then more pop up and get whacked until it’s going so fast you can hardly keep up! I told my boss and several co-workers about the analogy to much amusement and a lot of giggles!