The Mercenary

My son is a mercenary. He’s only 7 now but at 6 1/2 he decided that his allowance would be saved for something very worth while… a computer…. it’s now 11 months since he started getting an allowance and saving it. He saved $200 in that time with only a small amount of that being Christmas & Birthday money!! He is now the proud owner of a beefy gaming system… it was MY system but it made sense to simply upgrade me and he bought my parts. Now my machine was about 18 mo old and was one of my college assignments and no slouch for a system. He is now saving to “purchase” our extra copy of his favorite game Sacred 2. It’s already installed and his $5 a week allowance dropped to $4 to pay for it. That will take him a while too but he’s a very happy kid.
So far he has FireFox for his Bloons Tower Defense 1, 2, & 3, Diablo II, Star Wars Lego and several other games that will over time, be installed on HIS computer to play by himself. Most if not all of the games are educational with the exception of the group games we play as a family. Now some people might object to a game like Sacred 2 or Diablo II but trust me they are not as bad as the ratings make them out to be. When things blow up it isn’t graphic it gets a lot of giggles and squeals of delight. When there’s monsters around it becomes a time of yelps for help and team work to accomplish the goals. He also has to read what the characters say and complete the quests plus decide on his gear and weapons as to which ones are better to use. He does get some help with that so that he doesn’t get frustrated by the systems but so far he has a level 11 character in Diablo II, a level 9 in Sacred 2 and a level 36 or so character in Titan Quest.
The computer he owns sits between the parental rigs and we can watch him every minute. He’s got rules for the computer too. He has to read books to earn “Education Dollars” which can be spent on electronics time. No he does not get to watch movies or play computer or any other electronic item unless he has earned the Education Dollars to do so. As the adults we have all the discs for all the systems and movies in the house. He also has to respect when we say “No go play outside”. Normally even if we say no there’s no argument over going out to play.
We will see how well this whole Education Dollars idea works over time but it’s been about a month and both kids are working hard on their weak academic areas and earning time to watch movies and play computers. Both children are earning allowances and still saving them towards goals. I have to admit that this is not a funny thing kids say type post but a pure and simple brag on how proud I am of both my children now!

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